Only you can save Asteros from destruction…

Rising 5 : The Runes of Asteros is a cooperative adventure/puzzle board game supported by a Digital Application.

In this 1 – 5 player adventure by Gary Kim and Evan Song, you play the Rising 5; a talented and colourful group of agents sent to investigate the nefarious events occurring on the far flung world of Asteros. The planet’s denizens have been corrupted by Silk, an alien energy source leaking through an interstellar Gate. It’s up to the Rising 5 to seal the breach and save Asteros before time runs out!

With a vibrant sci-fi universe brought to life by Vincent Dutrait laid out before you, you’ll use a simple action card system to control your heroes and explore, battling it out with the corrupted citizens of Asteros, and discovering amazing treasures!

As you explore more of the planet, you’ll uncover its secrets, helping you to decipher the ancient runes that will allow you to seal The Gate.


The Gate is managed by the App, which will generate a new puzzle for you to tackle each time you play as well as providing you with clues as you interact with it throughout the game.

Time is of the essence however and if your bravery and wits fail you the Red Moon will rise and the world of Asteros will descend into darkness forever…


Rising 5 was Holy Grail Game’s very first crowdfunding project, and we couldn’t be more proud. A huge thank you to all of our backers!

Rising 5 is now available in stores!

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