The Rallyman GT Kickstarter campaign will launch on Thursday November 15th 2018!

Join us from 8pm GMT+1 to give your support to this fantastic new edition of the classic roll and move classic created by Jean-Christophe Bouvier! With fine-tuned rules and a gorgeous new art style by Loïc Muzy, Rallyman GT is an addictively simple yet strategic experience that will delight both veteran Rallyman drivers and new players alike.

Roll your dice to move along the track as fast as you can, blocking other drivers and tackling difficult corners. But beware, accumulate 3 Danger signs in one roll, and you’ll spin out!

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The campaign will last 3 weeks, closing on December 6th at 8pm GMT +1. During that time, we’ll be offering lots of exclusive content, videos and reviews, and insights into the game’s history, design and artwork!