Holy Grail Games is off to Essen Spiel again this year, with some exciting new projects on show!

The team will be at booth 2F146, with the following games:

Roads to Rome

Holy Grail Game’s first straight to retail game will also be available for demo at Essen! Roads to Rome is an elegantly simple family game about building roads to the Eternal City, and will be coming out Q1 2020, so don’t miss out on your chance to try it!


The spectacular final prototype of Titan’s 3D board will be available for demos before the Kickstarter relaunches on October 29th.


Museum will be available for demo, and the German edition of the base game and all of its expansions will be for sale! You can pre-order your copy on BGG. We’ll also have a very limited number of English language Kickstarter copies for sale at our booth only, so if you’re still hoping to get  your hands on one, hurry while stocks last!

Dominations: Road to Civilization & Rallyman: GT

Final copies of both Dominations and Rallyman: GT will be available for demo at the booth, and will be delivered to our Kickstarter backers by the end of the year.

See you soon!