As we ride off into the Sunset…

In Games, News, Outlaws: Last Man Standing by Holy-Grail

The Outlaws Kickstarter campaign is now complete! All our thanks go out to the 1,231 people who backed the game, your support means a lot to us!

It was a great campaign, and we’re absolutely delighted with how it went. We unlocked all of our stretch goals, including extra characters, alternative illustrations and add-ons. It may not be the biggest project ever launched on Kickstarter, but Outlaws is a great game that we really believe in and we’ve had a fantastic time helping to develop and promote it.

A huge thank you to Jérémy Pinget, the author, and Arnaud Demaegd, the illustrator, for trusting us and giving us the pleasure of being able to work with them! We also thank Vincent Dutrait, Neriac and The Mico for their beautiful alternative illustrations.

Another big thank you to all of the bloggers, reviewers, event organizers and podcasters who helped us to get the word out! And of course, thank you to everyone at Holy Grail Games for all of their work, you know who you are 😉

The game is now heading off into production, to be delivered March next year! Of course, we will be posting regular updates on how things are progressing, so stay tuned…