Once upon a time, in a faraway land… a legendary queen filled 1001 nights with unforgettable tales of mystery and adventure. 

Tiles of the Arabian Nights is a storytelling adventure game for 2-5 players, created by Matthieu Podevin and Olivier Melison, and illustrated by Amber Scharf and Joëlle Drans.

The game is set in the universe of the Arabian Nights. In Bagdad, storytelling has become deeply ingrained in the city’s culture ever since the legendary Scheherazade told 1001 unforgettable tales over as many nights. In honor of the queen, the Sultan now holds a storytelling contest each year !

This year, as a citizen of Bagdad, you’re taking part in the contest, in the hopes of winning the title of Master Storyteller. But coming up with a good story isn’t easy, and as every tale contains at least a grain of truth, you find yourself in search of a little inspiration…

So get ready to head out into the desert in search of adventure! As you explore, you’ll meet colorful characters, find amazing treasures, and defeat fearsome foes. Each new discovery you make will earn you an Adventure tile. Once you’ve collected enough tiles for your story, you’ll return to Bagdad to tell it to the awaiting crowds.

Exactly what your story will be is up to you…

Use the beautiful illustrations on your tiles as inspiration to come up with a story worthy of the Arabian Nights! Each tale you tell will earn you points from the Sultan himself, and from other players. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

How it Works

The base mechanics are very simple. You’ll start with a number of Story tiles, which show the basic elements you’ll need for your story, such as places, weapons, or monsters. You then have to head out into the desert to collect Adventure tiles of those types !

Each turn, you’ll be able to move a minimum of two spaces around the board. When you land on a tile, you get to claim it, placing it below your player board.

Once you’ve collected the Adventure tiles requested on one of your Story tiles, you can return to Bagdad to complete it. Completed Story tiles award Victory points, and the more elements a story contains, the more victory points it is worth.

Once you reach the city, it’s time to tell your story! Each Adventure tile has a unique illustration on the back, showing exactly what you found. Did your weapon turn out to be a legendary spear, a beautifully crafted bow, or a rusty, broken blade? Was the place you discovered a mysterious ship, a towering palace, or a peaceful oasis? Using these illustrations as inspiration, you’ll have to tell your story to the players at the table, being as creative as you can. Your opponents then give you a Storytelling token, with a number from 1 to 5, depending on how good they thought it was !

You’ll also get to take facedown token from the Sultan himself. The value of all of these tokens will then be added together to determine your Storytelling score. The player with the highest Storytelling score gains extra Victory points at the end of the game.

Tiles of the Arabian Nights is a family game with simple set collection mechanics and a unique narrative element.

Simple rules and fast play time
A game usually lasts under 45 minutes, even with 5 players, and its simple rules are easy to grasp for any player level.

A perfect introduction to improvised storytelling
Tiles of the Arabian Nights’ gorgeously illustrated world is designed to inspire, while giving you complete freedom to come up with the most creative stories you can for some truly memorable moments!

A fun game for the whole family
Tiles of the Arabian Nights’ mechanics have something for everyone. There are lots of different ways to score points : from telling stories to selling your treasures at the Marketplace, or collecting monster tiles to become a legendary hunter!