Welcome to Copan, shining jewel of the Maya civilization.

The city is flourishing, and as one of its ruling families, this golden age holds many opportunities for you to increase your influence and wealth.

But dark times lie ahead for Copan. As you work to secure your legacy, you’ll have to face the city’s slow decline. Your progress will be hindered by dwindling resources, crumbling political structure, natural disasters and war.

Will your family become a part of the history of Copan, forever carved into the stone of the Acropolis? Or will your story be forgotten?

Available on Kickstarter from November 10th to December 1st 2022!

Copan: Dying City is a worker placement game. You play as one of the city’s noble families, seeking to rise through the ranks of the ruling classes.

During play, you’ll be generating resources by attending the courts of Copan, then spending them to perform actions in one of the 5 Sites in and around the city. You can trade at the Copan river, create alliances with other Maya cities, show your skill on the Ball Court, make offerings at the Altars, or visit the Hieroglyphic Stairway to create your family’s Jade Mask. Your choices will bring you in game bonuses, resources, and victory points. The player with the most Victory points at the end of the game wins!

But your quest for glory may be short lived. Copan’s resources are finite, and every one spent brings you one step closer to disaster. When they reach critical levels, they trigger potentially devastating events, and once they run out, they’re gone forever. Every move you make will impact the rest of the game, both for you and other players, as Copan’s fate looms. You’ll have to plan your strategy carefully, or your legacy may disappear along with the city…

How it Works

A game of Copan: Dying City is played over a number of rounds. Exactly how many rounds you’ll play can vary greatly, depending on the difficulty level of the Event card you’ve chosen!

You begin a game of Copan: Dying City, with a hand of 4 Court tiles. Each of these Court tiles shows one of the four resources of Copan: Food, Power, Zeal, and Fame.

At the start of your turn, you’ll place one of your tiles onto the Pyramid area of the central board. This tile placement will allow you to gain resources of the type of the tile you just placed. All orthogonally adjacent tiles will also generate resources of their type.

Once you’ve gained your resources, you’ll be able to spend them to perform an action by placing your Player Totem on one of the 5 Sites of Copan:

The Embassies: You can spend your Food to create alliances with other Maya cities, gaining a variety of advantages. The more Embassies you create in different cities, the more points you score at the end of the game!

The River: Copan’s river is bountiful and visiting it will allow you to replenish your Court tile supply, gain additional resources and increase your storage capacity.

The Ball Court: Put your Fame to use here and show your skill on the field to attract influential followers! These Characters have powers that can be used as one-off effects, as in-game bonuses or end of game scoring effects!

The Altars: You can spend your Zeal here to make offerings, gaining the favor of the priesthood.

The Hieroglyphic Stairway: You can use your Power to record your family history here by gaining Glyph cards. These can be traded for jade fragments used for creating your family’s Jade Mask.

Each of these Sites allows you to gain various bonuses, including Victory points, resources, and even extra actions!

At the beginning of the game all of this will be easy. Copan is in its prime, resources are plentiful, and its government is stable, making most actions quite simple to accomplish.

However, the city’s bounty isn’t limitless. Each resource has a Decline track, and when you place a Court tile to generate it, you cause the resource of that tile’s type to tick down by 1. When a resource reaches a critical level, it becomes more scarce, generating less than before. When a Decline track reaches its final tier, that resource has been exhausted and can no longer be obtained at all!

Depleting the City’s resources also triggers Events. When a resource reaches certain levels, the Fate dice is rolled and its result is applied to the Event card. From food shortages to political turmoil, spiritual doubt and social unrest, Copan’s destiny will be forever changed… The Fate dice results will also close off areas of the board, making certain actions impossible for the remainder of play.

Once all Court tile spaces have been used, or two resources have been completely exhausted, the game ends. The people of Copan have fled. Now, all that’s left is to discover which family will be forever remembered, and which will be lost to history…

Copan: Dying City provides a fresh twist to the worker placement genre

Easy to learn, hard to master

With just two phases per turn, Copan is a heavy euro that is fairly easy to grasp. However, it offers great depth of strategy and the potential for powerful combos that will keep you coming back for more!

A unique challenge

Copan’s reverse difficulty curve makes the game progressively harder as you play, providing a fascinating puzzle. The city’s slow decline means that resources will become increasingly rare, so planning your actions and building your engine as quickly as you can will be vital for surviving the brutal conditions of the game’s final rounds!

High replayability

Event cards allow you to adjust the game’s length and overall difficulty each time you play. Whether you’re looking for longer games that let you play out your strategy in full, or short, punishing scenarios that will have you struggling to survive, it’s sure to be a different experience every time.

Copan: Dying City was designed by Eric Dubus and Olivier Melison, the creators of Museum, Dominations: Road to Civilization and Encyclopedia.

The game is illustrated by Ronan Toulhoat.

Available on Kickstarter until December 1st 2022!

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