Holy Grail Games’ set collection game Museum will be back on Kickstarter on November 26th!

This new Museum Kickstarter campaign will include:

  • A Collector’s edition box with a luxurious all-in-one storage system for the base game and all its expansions, including inserts by Gametrayz
  • A brand new expansion
  • Corrected content in physical and digital form
  • A new opportunity to get your hands on all the Kickstarter exclusives from the first campaign!
  • Pledges will be adapted for backers of the old campaign as well as newcomers. So, whether you want the new content, just the corrected existing content, or both, we’ve got you covered!

Additionally, we’re going to try to do things a little differently: in order to support our distribution partners and stores we will not be selling any of the retail content during the campaign.

Why the new campaign?

Outside of the success of the first campaign, Museum has sold very well in stores since its general release and we now have had a lot of new curators asking for the Kickstarter exclusive content.

Additionally, we’ve come a long way as a company in terms of rule writing since Museum so there’s a few parts of the rulebooks we’d like to revisit, as well as correcting any errors.

Finally, there’s some extra content we couldn’t fit into the first campaign, as well as some elements many backers requested but that we didn’t have time to do.

So, here’s what we’re proposing:

The Old Stuff

KS Exclusive content from the first campaign

We added a HUGE amount of content to the game for free during the first campaign and a lot of new players have been asking if they could get their hands on it. So yes, all the Kickstarter exclusive content from the previous campaign will included in this new Kickstarter. The stretch goals will all be grouped into a special pack and the Cthulhu Relics expansion will once again be available. However, in order to not downplay the rewards or our appreciation of our backers from the first campaign, the Stretch Goal pack will be sold during this new campaign (the exact price is coming soon), and the Cthulhu Relics expansion will be slightly more expensive.

Corrected content

We’ll be taking the opportunity of this new campaign to provide players with an updated rulebook and FAQ as well as making any corrections to other components. We will be making all this available in both digital and physical versions.

The digital content will be made available for free but all pledge levels (including the €1 pledge) will have the files sent to them directly as soon as they are available. This file pack will include not only the updated rulebooks but also the files for any and all updated components should you wish to print them out yourselves.

The Physical pack will be sold “at cost”. What this means is that you will not pay any more than what it costs us to get the game to you. We’re not a big company and do not have the financial means to provide this content to you for free. However, we will make it available to you for as little possible with the promise that we will not make any money from the sale of these packs. These physical packs will include the updated rulebooks and any other printed elements but also components such as upgraded clips for the World’s Fair expansion.

The New Stuff

The Collector’s box

Brand new to this campaign will be a sumptuous Collector’s box! As well as making it possible to store the base game of Museum and all existing expansions in one place, this gorgeous box is stuffed with cool content!

A full storage system from Gametrayz

The deluxe storage solution designers Gametrayz will be lending us their expertise to ensure that this box will store everything Museum has to offer as efficiently and stylishly as possible.

For those of you who do not wish to purchase the Collector’s Box, the Gametrayz storage for the Core Box of Museum will be also be available separately. It will replace the current Museum box insert, and will hold the base game, all Stretch Goals from the original campaign, and the core game elements of the 5th player expansion.

A new expansion: The Historians

A new expansion will provide players with even more gameplay options! The Historians will allow you to commit objects to be studied. As you invest Prestige points in this research, you’ll earn both Civilisation and Domain “Emblems” that can contribute to your collections!

Punchboard players boards

We were very disappointed that we were unable to deliver the thicker Museum boards for the first campaign as first intended. Despite being very happy with the thinner versions, we are going to take the opportunity of this new campaign to deliver the boards as we originally imagined. Just like with the corrected content, these will be sold “at cost”. Even if they are part of the collector’s box, their only contribution to the overall price will be the cost of producing them, nothing more. We will not make any money on these components. These boards will only be available as part of the Collector’s Box, as they do not fit into the classic Museum box.

The structure of the new campaign

We will be offering 3 pledge levels:

Observer + digital content

A standard €1 pledge. It will allow you to follow the campaign and receive the digital files pack straight to your inbox as soon as it’s ready.

Physical update pack

Sold “at cost” as detailed above. This will include printed versions of any updated components including rulebooks, cards and the clips from the World’s Fair expansion.

Collector’s Edition box

This Collector’s edition will include:

  • Collector’s box
  • Gametrayz inserts for the Core box and all expansions
  • New expansion: The Historians
  • 2mm Punchboard player boards (included “at cost” as detailed above)
  • The physical update pack

There will also be 4 Add-ons available :

  • The Cthulhu Relics expansion
  • Ks Exclusive Stretch Goal pack
  • The Historians expansion
  • Core Box Gametrayz insert

Stretch Goals

This new campaign should include a few new Stretch Goals. Not as many as the first because, as you can imagine, we’ve already explored the game’s potential pretty extensively. However, we still have a few tricks up our sleeve!