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Museum - The Core Game

Exhibiting object cards

QUESTION: Is it possible to use a card to pay for several different things? For example, can I discard 1 Object card to pay to exhibit an Object and hire an Expert?

ANSWER: Yes, you can use one (or several) card(s) to pay for a mixture of different elements. It is entirely possible to discard one or several cards to exhibit Object cards from your Hand, exhibit Object cards from your Discard, and pay for an Expert all at once! For example, if I discard 2 cards of a value of 5 from my Hand, I could do the following: exhibit an Object card of value 3, exhibit an Object card of value 4 from my Discard, and recruit an Expert of value 3.
Note : The one exception to this would be if I choose to exhibit a card from an opponent’s Discard. This is because the rules state that to do this, I MUST pay for that card by discarding one or several cards of equal or higher value into that player’s discard pile (not into my own), or pay them part of or all of the card’s value in Prestige tokens. 

Prestige Tokens

QUESTION: Are Prestige tokens a finite resource? What happens if I run out during the game? 

ANSWER: Yes, once you run out of Prestige tokens, no more tokens can be claimed.
Note: Normally, you shouldn’t run out of Prestige tokens, as they’re designed to be spent! It’s far more profitable to use them to add cards to your Collections than it is to keep them, as every card you add gains you the equivalent number of Victory points, plus any additional bonuses to your Collections. 

Public Opinion

QUESTION: How many Public Opinion cards should I shuffle into the Continent decks when setting up my game of Museum? 

ANSWER: In the rulebook, we state that 5 cards should be shuffled into the deck. This is the maximum level of difficulty for Public Opinion. Should you wish to lessen the difficulty, you can do so by adding fewer Public Opinion cards to each Continent deck. For medium difficulty, we recommend 2 Public Opinion cards per deck. 


QUESTION: If I draw a Public Opinion card, do I get to draw another card after resolving it?

ANSWER : No, a Public Opinion card stays on the board until the end of the current active player’s turn. 


QUESTION: When are Public Opinion cards discarded? At the end of the player turn or at the end of the table turn?

ANSWER: When a Public Opinion card is drawn, it stays on the board until the end of the current active player’s turn. When Object cards are replenished at the beginning of the next Exploration phase, the card is discarded.


QUESTION: How should the double-sided "Public Opinion" tokens be used ? What do the exclamation marks on them mean?

ANSWER: When a Public Opinion card is first revealed on a Continent, a Public Opinion token is added to that Continent, with one exclamation mark face up. This side of the token means that any player with cards from this Continent in their discard at the end of the game will lose 1 point per card. If a 2nd Public Opinion card is drawn on the same Continent, the token can be flipped so that it displays 2 exclamation points. This means that players will lose 2 points for every card from this Continent in their discard pile at the end of the game. Whether you choose to place another token or flip the existing one over, each exclamation point represents -1 point per card of that Continent in my discard at the end of the game. At the end of the game, you must count the number of exclamation points to determine the number of points lost per card, not the number of physical tokens.

Ending the Game

QUESTION : Who wins the game in case of a tie?

ANSWER: The player with the most Object cards in their Museum wins the game in case of a tie. If there is still a tie, the player with the most exhibited masterpieces wins.


QUESTION: At the end of the game, what happens to the cards in my Hand? Can I lose points from them due to Public Opinion?

ANSWER : At the end of the game, any cards in your hand are put to one side - they have no effect on final scoring and are not affected by Public Opinion. 

The Grand Gallery

QUESTION: Is it possible to fill your Grand Gallery with a Domain Collection?

ANSWER: Yes, it is! Even though a Domain Collection can only score a maximum of 6 cards (7 if you have the Expert that gives you the bonus), you can have Domain cards from the same Civilization within your Domain Collection. Although you won’t be able to score any points for these extra cards at the end of the game, they still count towards filling your Grand Gallery. 

Favour Cards 

QUESTION: When you take a Favour card for going past a space on the scoring track, can you use it right away if you haven't used one yet?

ANSWER : Yes, absolutely! Once that card has been used, you’re also free to continue your turn as you wish, for example by placing cards if you chose to Furbish your Museum. 


QUESTION: When is the hand limit of a maximum of 3 Favour cards checked? 

ANSWER: The hand limit for Favour cards is checked at the end of a player’s turn, in the same way as it is for Object cards. It is possible to draw a 4th Favour card during your turn. However, you will then have to choose to either play one of the four cards, or discard one at the end of your turn to bring you back down to 3.


QUESTION: Can I use more than one “Press Conference” Favour card during the game? 

ANSWER: Yes, simply keep them close by as a reminder to apply their effect at the end of the game. 


QUESTION: What happens if I draw a Public Opinion Card when playing an Archaeological Discovery Favour card? 

ANSWER: The Public opinion card is discarded and a Public Opinion token is placed on the relevant Continent. The player cannot draw another card to replace it, and as a result will only receive 1 card instead of 2. 

Expert cards

QUESTION: If an Expert is hired, should a new Expert cards be drawn immediately? 

ANSWER: Yes, when an Expert is hired, all remaining Experts are shifted to the right to make space, and a new one is drawn to fill the gap on the left. It is only at the end of a round table that the Expert on the right-hand side of the Expert board is discarded.


QUESTION: Do Experts with the Civilization icon (that give a +1 card bonus to a Civilization Collection) count towards my Patron card?

ANSWER: Yes absolutely! 


QUESTION: Do Experts with the Civilization icon (that give a +1 card bonus to a Civilization Collection) count towards filling my Grand Gallery or my whole Museum?

ANSWER: No, they do not, these card must be physically present in your Museum. 


QUESTION: Concerning Experts with the Conitnent symbol on their card. Is it possible to draw an additional Continent card from the face-down deck using the Expert's power to draw an additional card?

ANSWER : No. These Experts allow you to draw an additional card from the corresponding Continent when you take a card from that Continent during your Exploration phase when you are the active player (See KS Exclusive rulebook, page1). The second card must be face up and can only be taken if the first recovered Object card also comes from this Continent. In the event that only one card is available, then it is not possible to benefit from the effect of this Expert card.

Example: When I have the Asia Expert card, if I choose to take a card from Asia during my Exploration phase, I may also take a second card from that spot. If, for whatever reason, only one card is present (due to the effect of a Headline card or the presence of a Public Opinion card), then I cannot take a second card. If more than 2 cards are present (due to a Headline card), then I may choose which of the remaining cards to take.

Patron Cards

QUESTION: When scoring Patron cards that request that a player display cards from a certain Continent, do those cards have to be in one Collection? Or just in your Museum?

ANSWER: This type of Patron card only requires that the player display a certain number of Objects from one Continent in their Museum. These Objects do not have to be in one Collection to count towards this objective. 


QUESTION: Can I score the “Perfect Collection” Patron card multiple times? E.g by having cards of a value of 1-5 in several Collections? 

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely! 

The Archaeologists Expansion

Basic Rules

QUESTION: How many Archaeologist spaces are there on the Archaeologist board? 

ANSWER: There are 4 locations in the first area, 3 in the second area (the boxes below are the rewards associated with each location), and 2 in the third area (again, the boxes below are the rewards associated with each location). 


QUESTION: Is it possible to place several Archaeologists on the same area of the Archaeologist board, in order to get more than one bonus from that level?

ANSWER: No, a player may never have more than one Archaeologist on any level of the board. 

Favour Cards

QUESTION: Does the “A Great Team” Favour card give points for every Archaeologist on the board, or only your own?

ANSWER: This Favour card only gives you points for your own Archaeologists present on the board, not those belonging to other players. 

The Black Market Expansion

Basic Rules

QUESTION: Is it possible to buy cards from the Black Market during an Inventory action?

ANSWER: No, cards may only be purchased from the Black Market if you perform the Furbish action.


QUESTION: The Black Market setup states: "Draw the first 5 cards from the deck and place 1 card in each of the 5 available slots." But there are 6 slots. Do I draw 5 or 6 cards?

ANSWER: This is a typo, it should say 6.


QUESTION: Can a Black Market card take a Domain collection beyond 7 cards?

ANSWER: No, the maximum you can score for a Domain collection is 25 points. However, the extra card will count towards your Grand Gallery if you have chosen to fill it with a Domain Collection. 


QUESTION: How many Black Market cards can I have in my hand? 

ANSWER: All Black Market cards (Objects and Favours) are considered as Favour cards in your hand limit - you cannot have more than 3 Black Market Objects/Favour cards or normal Favour cards in your hand at the end of your turn. 

    Favour Cards 

    QUESTION: Do Black Market Favour cards count towards your usual 1 favor card per turn spend limit?

    ANSWER: No, contrary to normal Favour cards, there is no limit to the number of Black Market Favour cards you can use on one turn. 


    QUESTION: When do I play the Administrative Shutdown card? During my turn, or during the targeted player's turn?

    ANSWER: This card is played during your turn. Simply designate the player you wish to target: they will not be able to place any Objects into their Museum on their turn.


    QUESTION: Can I choose to take a Black Market Favour card from those available on  the Black Market board when I pass 10 on the score track by paying its cost? 

    ANSWER: No. You may choose to take a Black Market card when passing 10 on the score track, however this card must be drawn from the Black Market deck (the top card which is face down). Whether you draw a Black Market Object card or a Favour card, you do not need to pay its cost. 


    QUESTION: What happens when an Object is stolen? Do I lose the points I gained from exhibiting that Object? What happens if I had reached 50 (and ended the game) and I go below 50 as a result of that theft?

    ANSWER: When a card is stolen from your Museum, you lose the points you gained from it. The player that gains the card into their Museum also gains the corresponding Victory points. If you had passed 50 and the theft causes you to go back below 50 when you are not the active player, then the game still ends as normal - you do not get to play an extra turn. 

    The World's Fair Expansion

    Pavilions module

    QUESTION: When placing an Object card of a value of 5 (Masterpiece) in a Pavilion, do you get the extra Prestige point?

    ANSWER: No. You only gain a Prestige point for a Masterpiece when it is placed into your Museum. However, you still get the reward for contributing that Object to the Pavilion. 


    QUESTION: Can you take an Object card from another player's discard to exhibit in a Pavilion?

    ANSWER: Yes absolutely! Simply pay for it as normal, then exhibit into the Pavilion instead of your own Museum. 

    Loans Module

    QUESTION: If I use the Loan mechanic to exhibit a Masterpiece into another player’s Museum, do I get the Prestige point? 

    ANSWER: Yes you do! You obtain the Prestige token as well as scoring the value of the Object on the score track. 

    The Cthulhu Relics Expansion (KS only)

    Flood cards

    QUESTION: Can a Flood card prevent me from filling my Grand Gallery?

    ANSWER: Yes - as a Flood card prevents you from exhibiting an Object in a certain space, if a player floods one of your Grand Gallery spaces, then it becomes impossible to fill.


    QUESTION: What happens if I try to flood several rooms in another player's Museum, but they don't have enough empty spaces left?

    ANSWER: Only vacant rooms can be flooded, so if there are no more empty rooms to fill, the Flood card cannot be placed.

    Favour Cards

    QUESTION: What happens if the Pentacle Favour card causes an inactive player to pass 50 on the score tracker?

    ANSWER: They still get to play their turn - the rule of Museum for determining the end of game condition is that a player must have passed 50 at the end of their turn to end the game. As they passed 50 when they were not the active player, they will still get to play again. The end of game condition will only activate at the end of their turn. 


    QUESTION: When a player uses the Pentacle Favour card, does the effect of the moved Mythos card trigger in the Museum it's moved to?

    ANSWER: Yes, its effect triggers immediately.


    QUESTION: When played in tandem with the World's Fair expansion, can a Mythos Relic be displayed in a Pavilion?

    ANSWER: Yes, but you will not gain any of its benefits.

    The Crystal Skulls Expansion (KS only)

    QUESTION: Can Crystal Skulls cards be discarded to pay for other Object cards? 

    ANSWER: Yes, the Crystal Skulls can be discarded and/or exhibited in the same way as any other Object card. The only major difference is the fact that when a player has them in their hand, they can be sold to the Collector. 


    QUESTION:  Is it possible to sell Crystal Skull cards when doing the Inventory action?

    ANSWER: Yes, selling is Crystal Skull is a free action that can be performed at any time during your turn, similarly to using a Favour card.


    QUESTION: Is it possible to buy a Crystal Skull from another players discard, not to exhibit it, but to sell it to the Collector?

    ANSWER: No. As any card taken from another player’s discard is always exhibited directly into your Museum, you cannot take it into your hand. 


    QUESTION: Do I score Victory Points for exhibiting a Crystal Skull in my Museum? 

    ANSWER: Yes you score its value in exactly the same way as a regular Object card.


    QUESTION: If playing the Crystal Skull expansion at the same tie as the World’s Fair expansion, can I exhibit a Crystal Skull in a Pavilion? 

    ANSWER: Absolutely, as long as it corresponds to the criteria requested by the Pavilion. 

    Solo Mode (KS only)

    QUESTION: Are Museum’s expansions compatible with Solo Mode? 

    ANSWER: No, none of Museum’s expansions can be played with Solo Mode. 


    QUESTION: What are the “Rival cards” described in the Solo Mode Rules?

    ANSWER: The Rival cards for Solo Mode are yellow-backed cards similar to Patron cards, except they have an “S” on the back instead of an “M”. 


    QUESTION: What are the pictograms of the Continent decks at the bottom of the Rival cards? 

    ANSWER: These pictograms are only for playing in Advanced/Hard mode, and designate the AI’s discard priorities.


    QUESTION:  How many cards does the AI discard? 

    ANSWER: In simple mode, the AI does not discard any cards. In Hard/Advanced mode, Alphonse Legros will never discard more than 1 card. Any Action card with a “X” is an Action where the AI will discard 1 card. The Solo Mode rules mention that a number should appear on the card, but that should be ignored. 


    QUESTION: How do I build the AI’s Action deck? 

    ANSWER: To build the AI’s Action deck, choose the level of difficulty of play you desire, then use the corresponding cards:

    Easy mode: all cards with 1 and 2 stars.

    Normal mode: all cards with 2 stars.

    Difficult mode: all cards with 2 and 3 stars.

    For an even higher level of difficulty, you can also choose to use all cards EXCEPT those marked 0 and 1.

    The League of Extraordinary Explorers expansion (KS only)

    QUESTION: Do purchased League of Extraordinary Explorers cards go into the player's Personal Reserve?

    No, an Object Card from the League of Extraordinary Explorers, once purchased (which can only be done with Prestige Points during the Furbish action), must be placed directly into a Museum, and must be placed in its Grand Gallery. Therefore, an L.E.E card can never be in a player’s hand or discard.


    QUESTION: Can I score extra points if my L.E.E card takes a Domain Collection above 7 cards?

    ANSWER: No, the maximum score for a Domain Collection is 25 points.