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and Marvel at the Wonders of the World!

Welcome to Museum! Designed by Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus and illustrated by Vincent Dutrait, Museum is a set collection game where you play as a curator seeking to gain fame and fortune by amassing the most impressive and extensive displays for your galleries.

Set in the 1900’s , the game is all about the golden age of museums, when worldwide travel was becoming a reality and demand for exotic displays of objects from faraway lands was high.

To fill the galleries of your Museum, you collect artefact cards from four different continents.

These cards are then placed onto your Museum board to gain victory points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

The Basic mechanics of Museum

To place an artefact from your hand into your Museum’s galleries, it must be paid for with one or several cards of equal or higher value, which are put into your discard pile. Think of your discard pile as your Museum’s warehouse – any artefact placed there is in your possession but has not been displayed yet. However, this means that other players can come and take it for their own collections, so beware!

Each artefact card has a value that represents the number of points you gain by adding it to your galleries. To gain even more points, you can create collections by positioning cards adjacent to one another on your player board, much like in a real museum. Collections can be based on one of the twelve different civilizations in the game, or on the 6 different archaeological domains, so combine your cards creatively to get the highest score!

Want to find out more about how to play Museum? You can download the rules for Museum below!

If you have a question about the rules of Museum, you can find an answer by visiting our Museum FAQ.

You can also watch explanation videos and full playthroughs on the Holy Grail Games Youtube Channel!

Download the Rulebook

During the game, you will have to contend with Headline cards. These contain historical events that can have either a positive or negative effect on the game.

You’ll acquire Favour cards as the game progresses. These provide unique, one-use bonuses that can really give you an edge!

A Museum doesn’t run itself! You can recruit Personnel during the game to help complete your collections of give your actions extra effects!

Wealthy individuals are certain to be interested in supporting your endeavor and their Patronage can go a long way to getting you extra points if their requests are fulfilled!

A well as being a fun experience, Museum is also rich in historical content. The cards contain over 300 unique illustrations by the inimitable Vincent Dutrait, including 180 unique artefacts. All of the objects and places in the game are real, and the information included on each card is factual.

There are also multiple expansions available, which bring even more variety and replayability to the game!

The Archaeologists brings a worker placement mechanic to the game, the World's Fair adds common objectives for players to fight for, while the Black Market brings a more aggressive play style! You can also play Museum with 5 players using the People's Choice expansion!

Museum is a beautiful, fun game
that is both family-friendly
and challenging enough for more experienced players!

Museum is a « big box » game of set collection that allows you, as the curator, to choose the strategy that suits you best. Accomplished gamers will be able to draw out all the depth and complexity from the game’s mechanics yet its simple rules can be easily adapted to suit newer and younger players.


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