The Museum Pledge Manager is open!

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The Pledge Manager for Museum is now available!

What does this mean? If you were one of the people who backed Museum, then you will be receiving an email from Backerkit over the next 72h, inviting you to fill out your survey, along with a link to your account! More information in our latest project update.

If you missed the Museum campaign and are absolutely heartbroken, fear not, the Pledge Manager gives you a way to join the adventure!


Here’s how you can make a late pledge:

  1. First of all, go here :
  2.  Choose your pledge level and expansions. The Late pledge works exactly like an online store: simply fill the shopping basket up with the objects of your choice before hitting the “Checkout” button! All the content from the Kickstarter is available during the late pledge. Each item is also available in 3 languages: English, French and German. For the pledge levels: please only select the “Additional” pledge levels if you are intending to purchase multiple copies of the game. If you are purchasing just one copy of the game, select the “Curator/Grand Gallery Pledge” options.
  3. Fill out your delivery address. Please be sure to enter your address as accurately as possible. An erroneous address can cause big delays when it comes to receiving your game. You will be able to change your shipping address after the survey is complete (up until just before the games begin to ship) so don’t worry if you expect to move before the game arrives. If for any reason you feel like the address you give here may not be able to receive your package when it arrives in August (moving, holidays, etc), please provide an alternate one such as that of family or friends. Finally, do not forget to provide your phone number.
  4. On the final page, you’ll be able to review all the details you provided during the previous steps. Please take the time to look over these carefully and make any changes where necessary by clicking on the “Edit” Buttons. When you are ready you may provide your credit card details to pay for your purchases and shipping (which will be calculated once you enter your address) before hitting the “Place my Order” button.
  5. The Platform will then confirm your order and you’ll receive a confirmation email to finish things up. Congratulations, you have successfully filled out your pledge manager!

Should you need any help during these stages please feel free to hit the “Need Help” Button at the top of the page and the fine folks at Backerkit will be more than happy to assist you! You can log back into your Backerkit account at any time to check your order or change your shipping address.

Please note: You will not be charged immediately for your late pledge. Your account will be charged closer to the end of the Pledge Manager.

The pledge manager will stay open until early April. We will of course inform you prior to locking it down. Many thanks to all of you late pledgers for your support !