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Museum: Pictura is a standalone set collection game for 2-4 players, in which you take on the role of an aspiring curator in an art museum, tasked with creating collections of some of History’s most iconic works of art!
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Curate amazing collections of classic works of art

Created by Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus, Museum: Pictura is a standalone game that is part of the Museum range. Set in the luxurious extravagance of the Roaring 20’s, Museum: Pictura will have you taking on the unpredictable art world to create some truly spectacular displays!
Acquire Paintings, trade with other Museums, and display your greatest finds in your galleries. Create huge collections and open them to the public to gain Prestige points – the larger the Collection, the more points you score! The player with the most Prestige points at the end of the game wins.

Will Your Museum Be the Greatest of Them All?

The aim of the game in Museum: Pictura is to collect Painting cards. During play, you will be acquiring these Painting cards and exhibiting them into the galleries of your Museum – represented by your player board. To exhibit a Painting, you’ll have to pay for it by discarding any other Painting card from your hand. Your discard is a little like your museum’s storage space : Paintings you discard aren’t currently on display, but they can be retrieved at any time. Discarded works of art become available to other curators for their own museums however, so keep an eye on what your opponents are doing!
Your Painting cards will score you the most points if you create Collections, based either on the Painting’s Period (ranging from the Renaissance period all the way to Impressionism), or its Genre (Historical, Landscape, Mythological…). Cards that are part of the same Collection need to be placed adjacent to one another on your player board, much like in the rooms and corridors of a real museum.
You will be able to open them briefly to the public with a Temporary Exhibition, which allows you to immediately score that Collection’s value and obtain special bonuses for the rest of the game. But beware, your visitors will quickly grow tired of seeing the same types of Collection again and again, so timing is essential!
As the game progresses, you will need to keep a watchful eye on the changing trends of the art world, acquiring and exhibiting Paintings depending on what’s in highest demand. Exhibiting Paintings of the types that are currently in fashion will gain you additional points!
At the end of the game, the Collections you’ve created will earn you additional Prestige points, and the player with the most Prestige wins.

Want to find out more about how to play Museum: Pictura?

Download the rulebook here!

Exciting New Mechanics and Strategies

Museum: Pictura maintains a strong family connection to its predecessor. With a wealth of ways to score points and plenty of player interaction, Museum: Pictura’s fresh experience brings a fascinating twist to the original Museum game that is sure to delight veteran curators and new players alike! It also retains the original game’s cultural depth: all of the paintings featured in the game are real, and each card will tell you where you can go to see it.

Museum: Pictura’s lavish art deco setting has been illustrated by Loïc Muzy, and the 180 classic works of art featured in the game

were illustrated by Ekaterina Varlamov.

Museum: Pictura is available in stores now!

Lavish art deco setting illustrated by
Loïc Muzy

180 classic works of art
featured in the game by
Ekaterina Varlamov

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