The Miner’s Handbook – A Guide to working on Titan

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Greetings Stardrill employees, and welcome to the Miner’s handbook! Aspiring operators joining the Titan mission are encouraged to read the data below in order to familiarize themselves with Stardrill equipment and prepare themselves for the task at hand. Be sure to contact a Stardrill representative with any questions you might have before reaching Titan – once the mission begins, you’re on your own…


Planetary mining is dangerous work, and most of Stardrill’s operations are now fully automated…but not quite! Small teams of skilled individuals are still needed to operate the colossal machines used for some missions. In order to oversee the quality and purity of extracted resources, perform emergency repairs and direct teams of semi-independent Drones, these groups must leave the safety and comfort of their cargo ships.

All Stardrill employees required to set foot on the surface of a uninhabited planet or moon such as Titan are equipped with EMU suits.

These suits are a key part of any Stardrill miner’s gear, and are designed to allow freedom of movement and excellent vision in hostile environments, while protecting the wearer from harsh temperatures, contaminates and incompatible gravitational conditions.

The suit also protects from physical harm caused by common risks in a mining environment such as falling debris. It’s creators have even been heard to say that it can stand up to being stepped on by a Drone…though Stardrill does not recommend testing this assertion.

As well as its protective properties, the suit allows Stardrill operators to carry out even the most delicate of tasks, such as repairing circuitry and, of course, directing the installation of extraction pipes and operating Drones via their personal tablet.

Stardrill reminds all employees that their EMU suits remain Stardrill property, and must be returned in good condition at the end of each mission. Any wilful or careless damage noted during inspections will be repaired at the expense of the employee the suit is assigned to.  


The massive A.N.T Drone (All-terrain Network Transportation Drone) is an awesome sight to behold!

This wonder of interstellar mining technology was designed by Stardrill’s engineers to be the swiss army knife of strip mining. The A.N.T. Drone is capable of withstanding the very harshest of conditions, and can perform a vast array of tasks.

    From transporting colossal blocks of extracted resources to more delicate operations such as improving the performance of Stardrill installations, the A.N.T. Drone can respond rapidly to commands thanks to its dynamo magnetic limbs. These localised forcefields allow it to glide effortlessly along the surface of extraction pipework. The A.N.T. can also crawl over more difficult terrain, as long as it is supplied with the extra fuel necessary to do so. This fuel is not supplied by Stardrill, but employees are encouraged to be resourceful with any energy sources discovered during their missions.

    If an employee experiences issues with pipework that has become blocked, damaged, or otherwise unproductive, the A.N.T. Drone can use its powerful claws to destroy and remove them. However, the titanium coating on the claws will need to be renewed each time this action is carried out. Again, Stardrill cannot assume financial liability for this replacement, but our plucky miners have proven time and again their ability to work with what they have around them.

    Note to employees: Stardrill has been notified of a recent trend concerning employees destroying sections of pipework belonging to other team members in order to improve their own access to certain installations. While healthy competition amongst employees is encouraged, please note that Stardrill does not condone the destruction of company property.


The Flying A.N.T. Drone gives our miners much-needed aerial support! Even larger than its earthbound counterpart, this flying Drone is capable of constructing the huge pipe networks required for resource extraction on a planetary scale, with a minimum of input from its operator.

The Flying A.N.T. Drone is a vital part of any miners team! Multidirectional stabilisation jets allow it to transport and install huge sections of pipework with pinpoint precision. On top of that, its large transportation platform and winch system also allow it to retrieve any valuable resources discovered during the construction of Stardrill Installations.