Step into my Office – Making the Museum Board

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Museum’s board has changed a LOT since our early prototypes of the game. It took us a long time to get it right, and it seemed to undergo countless changes along the way. Even with the combined designing skills and experience of the entire team, board layout is always a challenging part of game design, and this was certainly the case for Museum.

A full game of Museum, complete with individual player boards

The challenge was that the board needed to represent two ideas: archaeological collection and exploration. We spent a long time racking our brains to find the best way of setting the tone for both.

The Curator’s Desk

The ”Curator’s office” style that we ended up with was an idea that we’d had from the start. Originally, the board featured a world map that took up a lot of space. We eventually decided that we wanted to include all of the clutter and interesting knickknacks that you might expect to find on a busy curator’s desk! These small details were incorporated to represent the different elements of the game. For example: the Headline cards are part of the newspaper background design.

This allowed us to achieve a real visual identity with the board. The aim was to plunge the player into the role of a Museum curator while remaining clear and playable. Which in the end is what good board design is all about: balancing the beautiful with the functional.

Here’s a fun fact: the green leather effect of the desk and the brass bolts of the score track were inspired by an old desk owned by Jamie’s mother!

We still have a few details to finish before the game goes into production, but we’re really happy with how it all looks! All of our thanks to Vincent for his beautiful work! We’ll be putting up more information about how Museum was developed during our Kickstarter campaign, so keep an eye out for new posts!