Museum is coming to Kickstarter!

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Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen, and feast your eyes on the wonders of the world…

Museum is not only Holy Grail’s next crowdfunding project, it’s also the game that brought the entire team together, it’s our flagship so to speak, so we couldn’t be more excited! Designed by our very own Olivier Melison along with Eric Dubus and with over 300 illustrations by the inimitable Vincent Dutrait, Museum is a set collection game that’s also a work of art in its own right.

Set in the 1900’s , the game is all about the golden age of museums, when worldwide travel was becoming a reality and demand for exotic displays of objects from faraway lands was high.

You play as a curator seeking to gain fame and fortune by amassing the most impressive and extensive displays in your galleries. To do this, you collect artefact cards from four different continents: Asia, America and the Pacific, Europe and Africa. These cards are then placed into your Museum to gain victory points. To gain even more points, you can create collections by positioning cards adjacent to one another, much like in a real museum. Collections can be based on one of the twelve different civilizations in the game, or on the type of artefact, so combine your cards creatively to get the highest score!

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! But beware, various world events such as war and political scandals, as well as the perils of public opinion, could lay waste to your plans…

Museum will be coming to Kickstarter on November 17th, 2017!

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Until then, you can check out the Game’s page for more info and a closer look at Vincent’s amazing work!

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