Encyclopedia is now available for late pledges!

We had an absolutely wonderful Kickstarter campaign for Encyclopedia, and with over 4700 backers and €310,000 raised, we couldn’t be happier with the result. 

If you missed the campaign, don’t worry! The pledge manager is now open, and you’ve got until May 16th to join the adventure. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your hands on all of the exclusive content included in the crowdfunding campaign by making a late pledge for Encyclopedia.

You can visit the Encyclopedia pledge manager with this link: https://gamefound.com/projects/holygrailgames/encyclopediapledgemanager

If you backed Encyclopedia, we can’t thank you enough. Be sure to fill out your pledge manager as quickly as possible so we can get your game to you on time! 

So, what’s next for Holy Grail Games? Encyclopedia is on an ambitious timeline, as we are planning to deliver in October 2022. We also have other games that are running late that we want to concentrate on delivering before we start any new projects. As a result, you won’t be seeing us on Kickstarter again until much later this year. 

We’ll be back in force after Encyclopedia’s scheduled delivery date with a new heavy Eurogame! Here’s a sneak peek…