Caesar’s Empire, Holy Grail Games’ first ever straight to retail release, is coming to stores soon. Become a member of Caesar’s entourage and take on the task of growing his empire in this road-building game set in the world of Asterix! 

Caesars Empire is a 2-5 player game about building roads for the glory of Rome. Designed by Matthieu Podevin, Caesar’s Empire is set in the world of the beloved comic series Asterix. However, instead of playing as one of the indomitable Gauls, this time around, you’ll be siding with the great Julius Caesar!

Build roads, Collect ressources and conquer new cities to win Caesar’s favor!

Caesar’s Empire is coming to a game store near you this autumn. You can find out more about how to play the game on the official Caesar’s Empire website page.

All roads must lead to Rome…