Explorers Logs: the History behind Museum

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It’s no secret that Museum contains a LOT of historical content.

Both of the game’s authors, Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus, are big fans of all things Historical. Museum was actually born from their desire to create a historically-themed collection game.

Eric Dubus is a history teacher, and a lover of museums and archaeology in particular. To give fans a glimpse into the rich historical context behind the 150 artefacts included in the Museum board game, Eric wrote “The Explorers Logs”. The series of articles tells the stories of some of the items and places available to players.

And thus the Explorers Logs were born!

I always dreamt of being Indiana Jones as a child! I loved the idea of of having adventures and discovering ancient treasures” he said in an interview with Holy Grail Games. “My path in life led me away from archaeology as a profession, but I’ve remained fascinated by it. The idea of the discovery of ancient sites and artefacts was what inspired me to create Museum with Olivier. I wanted to create a game where you could create your own Museum and fill it with amazing objects!”

The Explorers Logs describe the adventures that led to the discovery of Museum's artefacts!

I wanted to help people to understand why we chose certain civilisations, items and places over others. It wasn’t an easy choice to make. Olivier and I debated for hours over what to put in the game! My apologies to all you history buffs out there whose favourite civilisations didn’t make the cut. I also wanted to explain things in a more interesting way, and the Explorers Logs was a way to do that. While they are not entirely factual, they are based on actual events. My aim was to tell some of the stories behind the discovery of the places and items in Museum.

The very first Explorers Log cover the amazing discovery of Celtic artefacts in Cambridgeshire!

We’ll be adding new entries to the Explorers Log regularly, so watch this space!