Here at Holy Grail Games, our motto is to always offer something you haven’t seen before! Whether it’s Museum’s incredible quantity of beautiful artwork, Titan’s 3D design or Dominations’ unique take on Civ games, we aim to bring something fresh and exciting to everything we make.

Holy Grail Games is a small team, and we’re lucky to be able to work on projects we’re passionate about in a professional environment that’s relaxed and friendly. As well as collaborating with incredibly talented game designers and illustrators from all over the world for our projects, we also work closely with local playtesters and fans to make our games the best they can be.

Holy Grail Games is based in the small town of Nancy, France. Our team is a mixture of people from different backgrounds and professions, but one thing we all have in common is a passion for what we do!

We're a friendly bunch, so if you have a question about one of our projects, just ask, and if you're at an event we're attending, come and say hi!

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