Museum's Solo mode is now in PnP format !

Museum's Solo mode is now available in PnP!

To help isolated Museum players during this time of quarantine, Holy Grail Games has released a Print and Play version for the Solo mode of the set collection game Museum.

Originally only available to those who backed the Museum Kickstarter, all players can now access the files for free via the Museum page of our website, under the Downloads section. Available files include all cards plus the revised rulebook.

Museum’s Solo Mode introduces a new player : Alphonse LeGros, who is controlled by an AI system. As well as helping Museum owners who are currently alone to continue to get the most out of their game, this Solo Mode can also be used to spice up your 2 or 3 player games by adding an additional opponent, so don't hesitate to give it a try!

Take care out there, and happy gaming!

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