Will you defeat Stardrill's most devious creation?

In Titan's Solo Mode, you’re up against Starbot, an autonomous mining robot devised by Stardrill in an attempt to demonstrate that human employees are obsolete. Your mission is to prove them wrong!

Starbot acts via an AI system, detailed on the Programming Boards. The bot will be building its own extraction network, installing Rigs and using its Drones in a similar way to a normal player. The main difference is that the bot produces no resources other than Deuterium and Tholins.

The type of actions that the bot will perform are determined by its level of aggression. The levels of Bot aggression range from 1 to 6, and are represented by the different Operator cards. The lower levels of aggression will have the Bot simply mining for Deuterium as fast as it can, whereas the highest level will have the bot destroying sections of your pipework and stealing Deuterium for your Rigs!

Starbot's AI system is truly devious and on it's highest levels is very challenging to defeat, so why not give it a try?


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