Warning miners - an unidentified presence has been detected in the crater…

In the Titan expansion It Came From Below you’ll encounter Titan’s resident extra-terrestrial! This unpredictable being will move around the crater, helping or hindering you with its actions.

This expansion introduces the Alien, a worker placement mechanic that all players can control. Each player turn, the active player will have the option of activating the Alien in order to move it and then perform an action with it, much in the same way you would a Drone.

Exactly how the Alien is activated and the actions it can perform is randomly determined at the start of the game. This random generation of the Alien means that its behaviour will change every time you play. The Alien’s activation condition, meaning the action that a player must perform to activate it, is determined by its Brain tile, drawn at random. There are 5 different Brain tiles available in the expansion : some will have the Alien activate any time a Pipe is placed vertically, while another tile will mean that the Alien activates if you move one of your Drones onto your Base, and so on.

Once activated, the player can move the Alien, represented by a figurine, anywhere on the board, then perform an action with it. The Action that the Alien performs is determined by its “Tentacles” tile. There are 5 of these available too, ranging from transforming resources to moving Drones, making for lots of replayability!

However, the Alien has another option available. Instead of performing its action, it can spawn a Baby onto a Rig. These younglings take up a Drone slot and will affect the Rig they are present on. Their effect is also determined randomly at the start of the game.  Their effects range from devouring Deuterium to making a Rig cost more or less to Upgrade, so depending on the kind of Babies you get, you can use them to boost your own network or to attack your opponents!

But that’s not all, the Alien also adds a new resource to the game: the Alien resource. As with all of the other elements of the expansion, its effect is determined randomly by drawing a resource tile at the start of the game! These effects can be positive or  negative. There are 5 different resource tiles available.

And of course, these resources don’t just pop out of thin air, the Alien expansion comes with new “Rigs” : the Alien Pools! These Pools replace the Ice tiles placed under each player’s Base during the Landing phase of the game. Players can link pipes to these in the same way that they would to a regular Rig in order to obtain the Alien resource…or avoid them if the resource has a negative effect.

Once you’ve drawn all of your random Alien components : the Brain tile, the Tentacles tile, the Baby tile and the Resource tile, you end up with a tableau which describes your Alien’s attributes!

It came from Below adds a lot of replayability to Titan by vastly increasing your options. Depending on the Alien configuration that you draw, the way that you use it will change completely each time you play!


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