Harness the power of science for your mining operations!

In the Titan expansion For Science! you’ll have a wealth of new possibilities to aid your mining efforts, through the use of new technologies.

This expansion introduces a whole new category of Rigs to your mining arsenal: Science Rigs. The Science Rigs are added to the 5 existing types and follow all of the same rules. They have Power levels, are filled with Deuterium/Tholins and can be placed, activated and Upgraded just like any other Rig.
   Where they differ however is that they do not produce a resource of their own when activated – instead, they have an effect. But they don’t have just one: Science Rigs actually have an entire board of possibilities! Each time one of these Rigs is activated, you’ll gain access to the Research board, which sports a large selection of new technologies just waiting to be used!

This is the Research board. Each of the Science tiles present on the board has a different effect, but you don’t have access to them all at first.  Each tile has a Locked and Unlocked side. Obviously, at the start of the game, all the tiles are Locked. However, every time someone activates a Science Rig or Module, that player may choose one of the Locked tiles and flip it. The Rig then “produces” any combination of the different available effects. This effect can be amplified by the presence of Drones or other Science Rigs in the player’s network in the same way as a classic Rig. However, once a tile is Unlocked, any player can use it, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the opportunities you offer to your competitors!

This leaves you with lots of new options for elaborating and executing strategies, whether it’s through building potent engines or profiting from powerful one-off boosts.

For Science! adds a new dimension of strategy to your games of Titan, by drastically increasing the number of options you have available without adding any random elements to the game. 


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