Ballots, Bullets and Scandal… anything goes in the race to the White House!

Get ready for a merciless duel of intrigue and deceit! Outlaws – Last Man Standing is an intense 2 player game designed by Jeremy Pinget.

In this political Mexican stand-off, you take on the role of a Governor in the Wild West attempting to outmaneuver their opponent and win the election by any means necessary.

Outlaws-boxes-Holy-Grail-GamesIllustrated by Arnaud Demaegd, your Governor and his loyal supporters each have unique abilities which can be used to defeat your rival in one of three ways: The God Way , the Bad Way, or the Ugly Way.

The Good Way

Outlaws is a presidential race where every vote counts. The Governor with the most votes when the election takes place wins. But it isn’t called the Wild West for nothing – anything could happen by election day!

The Bad Way

Shady characters are everywhere in the West, and the rich and powerful aren’t above hiring them to do their dirty work. If a Hitman can eliminate the opposing governor with a well-placed shot, well, a dead man can’t be President, it’s as simple as that.

The Ugly Way

Luckily, in a time of lawlessness there are still those that uphold justice. If a Sheriff can foil an assassination attempt and arrest the Hitman, his employer’s reputation will be left in tatters. A scandal will destroy a man just as surely as a bullet.

Outlaws Characters Holy Grail Games

By moving your characters around, your aim is to discreetly discover where different items and characters are located, without revealing too much to your rival in the process…or at least, nothing that you don’t want them to know.

As the plot thickens and you locate your opponent’s key pieces you’ll be able to decide how you wish to take them down: Ballots, Bullets or Scandal…Outlaws game setup Holy Grail Games

Outlaws: Last Man Standing was fully funded on Kickstarter in 2017, and is available in stores now!

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