Dominations is getting another Kickstarter campaign! Dominations: Road to Civilization was one of our earliest projects. Its Kickstarter campaign back in 2018 was a modest success with almost 2000 backers. As an expert Civ game with some fairly abstract elements, we were really happy with the result. 

However, since its release into retail, the game has become a bit of a sleeper hit, attracting great reviews, including the Seal of Excellence from Dice Tower. It is now mostly sold out worldwide, so we decided to launch a new crowdfunding campaign for a reprint. But of course, we’re adding some exciting new content to the game! 

There will be a new expansion up for grabs: Rise and Fall. This expansion adds two new elements to the game: Glory & Decline and Corruption. 

The first module, Glory & Decline, will give you the option of using Glory cards. You get one of these new cards every time you perform a Build action. They give powerful bonuses when played, especially if you combine several of the same type, but beware! The higher you fly, the farther you fall : your Civilization will now have to deal with Decline, which appears as a new token on the Influence track. Glory cards cost Decline points to play, and your Decline score will be subtracted from your Influence score at the end of each Age. You’ll have to be careful about how many Glory cards you use… .

The Corruption module adds Corruption tokens to the game, which replace the Domination card mechanic. At the end of each Age, the player with the most remaining Knowledge of each type will be able to attribute these tokens to the different Knowledge Domains. Their effects can be good or bad, ranging from making certain Domains more effective, to triggering negative effects each time that Knowledge type is spent. Corruption tokens affect all players for the following Age so you can choose to place them to aid you in your efforts or to hinder your opponents!

We will also be offering a Deluxe box sleeve, with some fun new luxury components. This sleeve will allow you to keep all of your Dominations collection safely stored in one place. It will be large enough to store the base game, all of the expansions and an additional box! This box is designed to contain the new expansion and, by popular demand, a storage solution for all of the game’s Monuments when fully assembled. A lot of fans requested this addition, which will provide quicker access during game setup and prevent the Monuments from being damaged over time. 

The Dominations: Road to Civilization Kickstarter campaign will launch on Thursday April 29th. The campaign will last for 3 weeks, ending on May 20th. More information coming soon!