Dominations: The Road to Development!

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Holy Grail Games recently announced our next Kickstarter project – Dominations: Road to Civilization.

Since then, we’ve been hard at work developing the game even further! We’ve also taken the Dominations prototype to events such as PAX Paris, where we’ve had some great feedback. Here’s a look at the progress that we’ve made since we first started working on the game!

First of all, we now have some cover artwork to show you, brought to life by the very talented Florian Stitz:

We’re absolutely delighted with his gorgeous vision for the project, and we can’t wait to see what else he’s going to come up with for the rest of the game elements!

We’ve also been making progress on the artistic concept for Dominations’ triangular dominoes. As a key element to the game, we wanted them to be both functional and legible, but with a great table presence. We also wanted them to provide an earthy, solid contrast to the game’s “culture-building” elements, which are more abstract ideas.

As the dominoes are placed during the “Growth” phase of the game, which is supposed to represent the growth and spread of your population into new territories, we decided that we wanted the dominoes to have a geographical feel. Here’s what our Artistic Director, Loïc Muzy, and our Graphic Designer Quentin Saint-Georges came up with:


The larger “Camp” space in the centre of the domino is represented as a solid base, where your nation can settle and start to build cities and Monuments if you desire. Trying to make something both coherent and beautiful on such a small space has been very challenging, but we’re very happy with the direction this is taking! Of course, these are still prototypes, but the finished version of the dominoes should look like a more polished version of this.

In terms of gameplay and mechanics, we’ve been working with the game’s authors and the very talented people at Kaedama to make Dominations even better! As Dominations is already a pretty well-oiled machine, we’ve been focusing on making changes to the Monuments system in particular, in order to make them a more interesting part of the game. In the original version of Dominations, the Monuments were common objectives designed to give players a different way of scoring points, but remained separate from the core mechanics of the game. But Dominations is a game all about building an epic cultural and historical legacy that will stand the test of time, and what’s more epic than a wondrous Monument? We knew we had to find a way to integrate the Monuments more fully into the main parts of the game, and we’re really happy with what we came up with.

Monuments are still a common objective, but now, players have far more choices than before. Each Monument has its own uniquely-shaped tile, which can be placed over the top of one or several dominoes. The player that builds the first level of the Monument gets to place the tile, as well as a 3D element (which we’re currently still developing). Any player contributing to the Monument also acquires a special Mastery card, which is integrated into their Civilisation tree. These cards have a special white Nodus on them which can link to any other Knowledge type, making them a great addition!

We’ll be bringing you more information on the game over the next few weeks as we get more illustrations and graphic design elements to show!

Dominations: Road to Civilization will be coming to Kickstarter on June 19th!