Holy Grail Games is a board game publishing company that specializes in crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter. Based in Nancy, France, it was born from its founders' mutual desire to create great, unique board games.

Despite being relatively new, our team contains a wealth of experience from the board game industry. With a real passion for our profession, HGG is a project meant to bring players together around immersive, exciting and original table top adventures.

The Team

Jamie Johnson

Project Management and Development

Before creating Holy Grail Games, Jamie has been involved in the world of board gaming at almost every level including Retail, Distribution and Journalism. This has afforded him a deep understanding of the industry even before he became involved in crowdfunding.
With multiple successful and big name Kickstarters under his belt, campaigns like his have helped raise the crowdfunding genre above a simple pre-order system to something much more exciting and engaging.

Olivier Melison

Game Design and Business Guru

Olivier is both an astute businessman and passionate board gamer. Having been conducting international affairs for over 20 years with contacts throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
He is HGG’s business guru and its lead game designer with his inspiration coming from decades of practicing board, card and roleplaying games.

Loïc Muzy


Illustrator and character-design specialist, Loïc Muzy has been working in the world of gaming since 2008. He started by designing figurines for wargaming, then made a name for himself in the world of board games (Fire team zero, Mythic Battles, Orcquest,...) He has also worked on video games projects, such as the Warhammer 40000 license. He's best known for his illustrations around Call of Cthulhu (role-playing and other derivative products) as an illustrator with Sans-détours editions. Loïc has been painting figurines for over 20 years, and is passionate about fantasy universes. Fun fact: he also has a bit of an obsession with nails. Try looking for them in his drawings!

Quentin Saint-Georges

Graphic Designer

Quentin is a graphic designer who has experience in a number of different domains, including the press, traditional publishing and the video game industry. He likes role-playing games, kitsch Sci-Fi novels and coconut macaroons.

Why Kickstarter?

Holy Grail Games was created following the rise of the Crowdfunding phenomenon within the board gaming industry, with which those within the company are very experienced. Our objective is simple: To produce games primarily through crowdfunding campaigns where the extra flexibility and resources (compared to the traditional circuit) allow us to push the boundaries in terms of quality, content and communication. Crowdfunding allows us to take project that we believe in and run with it as far as it can go! It gives us the freedom to invest the time and resources necessary to bring out a game’s full potential, without the constraints of a more classic publishing model. Financing our projects this way also allows us to ensure that everyone involved, from illustrators and graphic designers to game authors and play testers, gets paid fairly for their work.